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iWise is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, with the ideas and components that have shown the best result to our customers.

Get things done faster

iWise is not only another ITSM application out there, it is the IT services management solution that delivers more doing less.
When it comes to show the IT management numbers to the Business direction, it is important to have the right way to present data in a clear and efficient way. That’s the iWise premise.


Your data is important and your information is critical, you need to trust them to secure and reliable applications. Our commitment is to be guardians of your knowledge.

Why to choose iWise

iWise is a set of secure, integrated software applications developed by infraWise, Inc., that interact with one another. They are easy to use, yet filled with rich functionality. In fact, the precursor of iWise was the first software developed that provided Service Management I/M object-driven customization capabilities to end-users. iWise software is hosted on a server with thin clients. These clients can be Windows PCs or any device that can access the internet – from anywhere in the world. Theoretically, even a communication device on a spaceship or on the moon can access iWise, although our developers (and as far as we are aware, our customers) have not actually tried this yet. iWise users range from help desk staff who log incidents and interrogate the iWise Knowledge Base for solution records on PCs, to executive managers who approve changes and view iWise dashboards on their BlackBerrys. iWise is ITIL framework-compliant and actually exceeds many of the parameters of this global standard by a long way. Because of this, your organization will gain an advantage, compared to your business competitors who nike nfl Jerseys on sale only run ITIL basic solutions. “ITIL framework,” “Enterprise Management,” “Service Management,” “competitive advantage,” and “iWise” form a synergy as shown in the diagram below (click to view full-size).

iWise Discipline ITSM Area
iWise Incident Management ITIL Incident Management
iWise Problem Management ITIL Problem Management
iWise Change Management ITIL Change Management
iWise Enterprise Release Management ITIL Release Management
iWise CMDB ITIL Service Catalog
iWise CMDB ITIL Configuration Management
iWise Request Management ITIL Service Desk
iWise Discipline ITSM Area
iWise Financial Management ITIL Financial Management
iWise Policy Management ITIL Service Level & Availability Management
iWise CMDB ITIL Service Level & Availability Management

iWise Knowledge Base Hierarchy

At the heart of both iWise application suites is a rather incredible database that stores corporate wisdom. There is nothing metaphysical about Authentic Jerseys the last sentence; it merely describes how iWise software takes all the organizational knowledge built up over the years to create a set of rules to manage your enterprise. For example, “if one of my technicians wants to schedule a change next Monday to update server X, check the change calendar for conflicts, let all interested parties know, and add it to the list of items to discuss at the approval board.” Another example: “today is the 12th time this particular nike nfl Jerseys elite type of incident has been reported by one of my most important business units. Escalate it to a senior technician automatically, notify me who is dealing with it, and provide me with an automatic backup plan. Armed with this information, I will contact the head of the business unit with the answers before he interrogates me with his questions.”

iWise Dashboards and Sample Reports

Dr Martin Fischer’s famous quotation, “Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification,” applies to some remarkable reporting capabilities within iWise. The best Service Desks in the world can be manned by experienced and highly trained staff, use the best tools, have the best phone systems, and provide a superb service to end-users. However, even if these tools allow for the collection of all sorts of information, executive management does not have the time to plough through screen upon screen or page upon page of facts. iWise has developed some superb reports and dashboards to empower senior managers by providing them with what they need to know as quickly as possible, so that they become “more managerial.” See the examples below:

iWise for Practically ANYTHING Else

98% of infraWise customers acquire iWise software for some or all of the above Service Management disciplines, yet within a few months, 95% seek to expand their user base by using iWise for non-IT business applications.
As a matter of note, infraWise/IRC uses iWise to run its sales system, payroll, book keeping and accounts systems.
As an executive manager, please remember that not only will iWise software exceed your expectations, be cost-effective and a truly superb catalyst to store “corporate wisdom,” there will be an additional medium-long term benefit: it is very likely your initial departmental investment to implement iWise can be recouped by other departments and non-IT related business units. Indeed, if your financial budgetary processes allow for cost code chargeback, your iWise budget could end up with a positive cash flow! Example: a major financial institution uses iWise to handle its retail customer inquiries, queries, and complaints. 2000 branch employees log cheap nike nfl Jerseys china wholesale calls in the iWise database to keep their real customers happy.

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